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About Firoz Industrial

Firoz Industrial was established in 1990 as a specialized company for manufacturing and installing of commercial institutional s/s equipment.
Firoz’s wealth of experience in commercial and technical capabilities can provide the global and international market with equipment and services that not only offers ideal solution to today’s high standard of requirements along with consistently good results, but does so whilst retaining the very best in catering traditions. Since Firoz’s core values are to act responsibly towards its country and society, then FIROZ INDUSTRIAL must provide help protect its industry.

What makes us different


Using high quality components and using stainless steel and non rusting metals in the correct thickness guarantee FIROZ INDUSTRIAL products durability


Inside round corners and fitted tops as well as the complete hygienic base units guarantee hygiene


Easy capability to produce customized product that can comply with particular needs of the customer at any time with functionability.

Ergonomically: :

Special designs guarantee comfortable use of FIROZ INDUSTRIAL products


Easy accessibility to any components represents a significant reduction in maintenance time and costs.

Domain Expertise:

After 20 years of working with different experiences in the field, a keen understanding and precise response to the customer needs and solutions to the issues our clients face and need had been developed.

Our Processing Services:

Investing heavily in many processing platforms enables; fast , flexible, scalable, reliable and highly capable service

Our Values:

Our firm was built on a foundation of values that guide our team always to be committed to a long-term philosophy that emphasizes innovation, quality and customer satisfaction with cost control.

Vision, Mission and Objectives

Firoz Industrial Company seeks for expanding and continually improving products quality, delivery and manufacturing cost in order To exceed our customers’ expectations and interaction. Pursuing a strong, extrovert R&D program thus insuring its future as a leader in manufacturing s/s commercial institutional equipment and aiming at adding value to the commercial food equipment users in order to guarantee their total satisfaction and loyalty.

Founder's Message

Thank you for your interest in our Group, we are pleased to introduce you FIROZ INDUSTRIAL company as one of the leading, most reputable and successful manufacturers for commercial S/S food Equipment. Our scope of products extended to include hot cooking, refrigeration, as well as S/S furniture and related products.

We at FIROZ INDUSTRIAL are proud of our mission of providing products and services that help sustain our national industry. Since FIROZ INDUSTRIAL founding in early 1990, we have been moving forward aggressively towards drawing our company future growth, by maximizing our company strengths and capturing opportunities to expand our global presence and to sharpen our business portfolio.

We are an organization that combines technical, operational and managerial skills and resources. Realizing the responsibility on the shoulders of each member of FIROZ INDUSTRIAL towards our clients, employees and community. Our goal to be one of the most competitive companies in the industry allover the world with emphasis on efficiency in operations, maintaining the highest standard industry levels and adopting the corporate social responsibility (CSR) policies.

Gearing up for the future, we have the key success factors necessary to withstand the winds of change. The encouragement provided to build a highly skilled and creative R&D (research and development) team. Streamlined and efficient manufacturing capabilities, which boosts of technical expertise, high quality production and cost effectiveness.

The success and distinction of FIROZ INDUSTRIAL, began as the dream of one man extended to be transformed into the dream of many. We strive to accomplish our dreams and goals to bring greater effulgence in the future.

Eng. Mahmoud A. Zakzouk

Firoz Industrial Brands

Our long and wide experience not only allows covering local and international market needs, but also enables us to produce many brands with European specifications  that satisfies different categories of consumers.

Firoz Industrial Factory


Our factory utilizes State of art production technologies and machines as well as highly skilled technicians to ensure supreme quality products.

Quality Control

Our goal is to give the very best quality, comfort, ergonomics, productivity and safety.


Testing is very important phase that guarantees the conformity of the product to all safety and quality requirements. Our lab is accredited to preform tests according to the applicable international standards which ensures that our products have optimum performance with the highest safety aspects.


R&D department, where 3D modeling manage all stages of the product development process with CAD, CAM and 3d printing facilities.


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You can find us at




Tel : 202 2274 8419 Fax : 202 2272 8184


Industrial Zone No. B&C-Area 2, Block 22005, No.9B, El Obour City, Cairo, Egypt.

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